About Horchata

Acerca de Horchata

For those of you who have never had horchata or don’t know what it is, it is a caffeine-free, non-carbonated drink that is absolutely delicious. Its primary ingredients include rice, cinnamon, and vanilla. Horchata is made many different ways in many different countries. In fact, the drink itself goes back thousands of years and at one point in time was called the drink of the Gods. But now, it will be called Lucky-Oh!

Lucky-Oh is one of the best tasting and most versatile creations you will ever have. It is our special recipe based on traditional horchata ingredients, but with a little twist. Lucky-Oh is a highly flavored liquid enhancer designed to make instant horchata. It is also a superb product for enhancing water, existing beverages, cocktails, and even baked goods and other prepared dishes. If you need some inspiration, visit our recipes page for some tasty beverage and meal ideas. Lucky-Oh contains only 10 calories and 2 grams of sugar per serving, and is made up of all natural ingredients. It also has a long shelf life and does not require refrigeration.

Lucky-Oh is made up of natural ingredients, and it has low sugar and low calories. With only 10 calories per serving, Lucky-Oh can be added to any drink or food without affecting the calorie count. Add one pump of Lucky-Oh to a glass of milk, water, or iced tea, and enjoy! Lucky-Oh also tastes great with cocktails, baked goods, and nearly any other meal you can imagine. Visit our recipes page for some delicious ideas.

You can enjoy Lucky-Oh any time, anywhere, and with anyone or anything. It is so light and so refreshing that you can drink it morning, noon, or night. You can give it to your kids, your grandparents, or anyone in between. It goes great with any food and it can be paired with any spirit. Everywhere you go…Lucky-Oh!

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