Artisan Process

El Proceso Artesanal


Making the best horchata in the world requires time, skill, and passion. Lucky-Oh Horchata is produced in small batches for high quality and un-matched taste. Over 60 hands will touch a single bottle before it is finished and ready to be shipped.

Lucky-Oh uses only the finest ingredients for its premium Horchata. Time, care, and commitment can be tasted in each bottle. The final mixture is filtered and precisely balanced to create its premium taste and flavor. Each batch is tested throughout the mixing process using the latest in technology. Each bottle is carefully inspected at every stage to ensure the proper taste, aroma, and appearance. Every bottle is individually washed in filtered water before it is filled.

The final product is then properly packed and boxed before being sent around the world to be enjoyed by flavor enthusiasts. Everywhere you go… Lucky-Oh!


The Finest Ingredients


Lucky-Oh travels the world in search of the finest ingredients, carefully selecting and blending ingredients from fabled countries around the globe. The specific flavors of each ingredient combine to create Lucky-Oh Horchata with balance and pleasing complexity. Ingredients are selected for their unique flavor characteristics, and are specially prepared to bring out these notes. We blend these ingredients to produce our signature flavor which highlights the true, rich flavors of horchata.



Each batch of horchata must be carefully monitored to ensure it is processed correctly. Our objective is to develop a fine horchata flavor while preserving the natural fullness of the fine ingredients that gives our horchata its signature flavor.



Prior to bottling, each dispenser bottle is carefully inspected and individually washed in filtered water. This sets the proper environment to receive the ultra premium Lucky-Oh Horchata. Each bottling batch is inspected with specific criteria to assure quality. Once bottled, we individually label and hand tie recipe tags to the dispenser bottle. The final product is then carefully wrapped for shipping around the world to be enjoyed by flavor enthusiasts.


One taste of our rich, flavorful horchata reveals a depth of complex flavors, and reflects the attention, time, and care we invest in every bottle.


A Healthy Alternative

Indulge in the rich natural flavor of Lucky-Oh Horchata.  Whether you are cooking at home or eating out add Lucky-Oh Horchata for a delicious, exotic taste to any beverage or recipe.  A flavor sensation alternative that comes with an plethora of added perks.

  • All Natural Flavors
  • All Natural Color
  • Low Sugar
  • Low Calorie
  • No Trans Fat
  • Cholesterol Free
  • Gluten Free
  • GMO Free
  • Made in USA

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