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Even the simplest of beverages can be enhanced with some Lucky-Oh Horchata! Here are some delicious beverages the whole family can enjoy, made even tastier with Lucky-Oh Horchata.


Horchata                              lattex2

Lucky-Oh’s Horchata                                                    L.O.L. Latte


Blueberry Smoothie                               Tea Box

Pacific Dunes Blueberry Smoothie                            Tea Box



Cócteles Con y Sin Alcohol

Cocktails and mocktails often have some strong and mouthwatering flavors, but a little Lucky-Oh Horchata can make them even better. Entice your taste buds with these Lucky-Oh Horchata enhanced cocktails and mocktails.


Cherry Scone                               The Cowboy

Cherry Scone                                                          The Cowboy

Double Dove                               Double-Oh

Double Dove                                                           Double-Oh!

Creamsicle                                Grasshopper

Garden City Creamsicle                                         Lucky Grasshopper Mocktini

Faux mOHsa                                 DSC_2743-2 2

Maidstone Faux Mim-Ohsa                                   Oh!  Lee Grail Light Ale

Oh-Jito Mojito                                 Oh Fashion

Oh-Jito Mojito                                                           Oh Fashion

Oh Lata Colada                                 flute v2

Oh-Lata Colada                                                        Peach Raspberry Faux Bellini

Rasp Mojito 2                                 Faux-appletini

Raspberry Faux Mojito                                            Spyglass Cran Cider Mocktini

Margarita                                  Sangaria

Traditional Oh-Rita                                                   White Diamond Faux Sangria

Just like how Lucky-Oh can enhance your favorite cocktails and mocktails, it also is great at enhancing your favorite shooters.

       Tequila Shot 2







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